Product Features

Our product features

  • 0% commission

    Begin to grow and promote your business with confidence. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Sell your brand

    Sell to and interact directly with your customers. View your inventory in real time, manage store from anywhere in the world.

  • On Sale Countdown

    Set product for promotion with countdown for the product automatically scheduled, having full control of both Start and End Date of the offer.

  • Direct payment

    Receive payment directly into your business acccount, and withdraw at any time of your choice and keep more of what you earn.

  • Nutrition & Allergens

    Add nutrition details and the system would automatically calculate RDI percentage, based on WHO recommendations.

  • Instant Notification

    Get instant order push notification, comments, enquiries and communicate with your customers directly for free.

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How It Works?

Join the thousands of companies that use Orderite for online ordering and make ordering experience easier for your customer.

Quick & Easy Setup

It is easy to implement our online food ordering system in your company. Manage your store from anywhere at anytime.

Better experience

Give your customers a way to place a direct order with you. Increase your income and consumer loyalty.

Exclusive Marketing

Perfect tools to aid in the expansion of your brand. To increase sales, use discount coupons, email marketing, etc.

Get more from Orderite

Our ordering system comes with our full suite of features to make your operations run like clockwork.

  • Branded Website & Order Tracking Application.
  • Smart Tablet & Thermal Auto-Printer.
  • Unlimited Orders with Instant Payment Alert.
  • Delivery, Collection & Pre-order.
  • Product Google Listing, Upselling and cross-selling features.
  • Instant Push Notification, QR Code Interactive Menu.
  • Integrated Email Marketing.
  • Continued Support Forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about our product and services.

Please use the contact form for your enquiries.

You only need to pay a weekly subscription fee starting from £10.50 in the UK or it equivalent depending on your country. Orderite does not charge for any set up fees or commissions per order. (T&C apply)

Big discount, if you pay for over 4 month in advance.

Yes we can! Since you share the menu with us, we can prepare your Orderite QR menu for you.

Of course, Yes! It’s up to you to decide based on your requirements, Orderite allows you to accept payment in many ways; Cash payments, Online payments or Both, give your customers options on how they want to pay!

Any smartphone, PC, or tablet along with an internet connection can be used by you and your customers to access your website anywhere, anytime.

Yes, you can easily update your menu and apply discounts in real time from any of your devices with just a few clicks, without needing to pay someone to do it for you.

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All plans include FREE domain name, hosting, secured SSL, site maintenance.



  • Branded website
  • Order Tracking Application
  • Management Dashboard
  • QR code interactive menu
  • Unlimited orders & payments
  • Help with product upload
  • Continued Support Forever

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  • Branded website
  • Smart Tablet
  • Order Tracking Application
  • Thermal Auto-Printer
  • Management Dashboard
  • QR code interactive menu
  • Product Google Listing
  • Unlimited orders & payments
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Branded Android & iOS app
  • Help with product upload
  • Social Media Setup/ Management
  • High resolution images for Website
  • Weekly Graphic Design (T&C apply)
  • Email Marketing (2 Mail Shots p/m)
  • Continued Support Forever

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